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Learn more about our pharmacy, our goal, and why we are devoted to serving our community.

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to make your healthcare our priority by providing superior non-matched pharmacy services that are tailored to your needs at lower costs and with a flexibility that fits all.

Vision Statement

We envision to bring back the valuable community drug store where the patient can deal and communicate with a pharmacist who lives in the community and understands its needs.

About Our Founder

Ben is a well-experienced pharmacist, with 15 years of pharmacy practice. Ben has been serving the community of New Smyrna Beach since 2009 as the chief pharmacist of Walgreens till he decided to follow his own mission of helping his patients. With the experience he has and the reputation he has built from caring for his patients, he will provide exceptional pharmacy services that cannot be matched at the big chains.

About Bens Pharmacy

We are an independent pharmacy set in the heart of New Smyrna Beach, FL. We strive to make a difference in the local community by offering convenience and reliability in our services through exceptional pharmacy care. To ensure that we are able to deliver our care effectively, we tailor our services to fit the individual needs of our customers. We also see to it that we regularly update our brand of practice to the current standards and principles to guarantee high-quality customer service.

a pharmacist smilingOur objective is to provide excellent pharmacy services by establishing long-term relationships which arise from superior consultative services, reasonably priced products, and improving the overall health of our customers. We will work closely with customers to help them meet their individual needs, whether it be with products, costs, or services.

What Makes Us Unique

We strive to separate ourselves from the rest of the pharmacies out there by providing the following:

  • Fast prescriptions fills and refills with less wait time than big chains
  • Free delivery services
  • Customer-centered pharmacy services
  • Attention to detail
  • Family-like atmosphere

Our efforts are carried out by a team of highly skilled and specially trained pharmacists who are mission-driven and dedicated to serving our customers in any way they can. They are knowledgeable in their field and can assist our clients in addressing their every pharmacy need. We have also set up an ethical framework that they should follow to ensure customer satisfaction.

We seek to be your pharmacy of choice and look forward to serving you. Know more about us and our services by giving us a call at 386-777-7677.

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